We have significantly strengthened this division thanks to our use of digital technologies. These tools have given more value to our work and have helped reduce the amount of clashes and conflicts traditionally involved in these handcrafted processes. Virtual construction and laser scanning have provided more efficiency and reduced the cost of our projects, helping us eliminate problems that were previously considered unsolvable

Construction Services

Our team supervises and administrates every process of the project's construction with the purpose of delivering the building on time and with the desired budget. The main goal is to fulfill our clients' expectative referring to the quality of the final building.

Base Estimate

During the design process, and prior to the development of the construction contest, our team provides a fare estimate to guide customers and consultants about the price of the project. This service is based on historical values and parametric statistics of similar projects.

Quantity Take off and Construction Bid Documents

Complementary to the elaboration of construction documents, our team can elaborate a detailed item list to benchmark costs with different construction companies or contractors. This helps to standardize budget conditions for each participant, allowing the client to clearly identify differences in costs.

Projects Selection / Construction