This process has given us the ability to construct buildings digitally, taking into account all of the systems and complexities that are involved before the project is built. This construction process simulation allows us to visualize with clarity possible mistakes and anticipate incorrect results. It involves the geometric complexities of the building, the spatial relationships, the geographical information and the quantity and properties of all of it's components. Thanks to the use of BIM we can more easily create construction documents, clash detection, virtual construction and digital site layout.

3D Scanner

A great technological ally, this tool allows us to make a three-dimensional scan automatically, eliminating the conventional way of doing it, which required time, people and wasn't exempt to human error.

Clash Detection

We create a 3D model that includes every component of the project to edify it in a virtual environment before starting construction. This simulation allows us to predict and communicate the project constructability more accurately, with the purpose to avoid expensive mistakes in site .

Architect of Record

Our team develops the construction documents/construction package focusing on local construction techniques, while following a conceptual design conceived by a national or international architect. We've collaborated with multiple firms from México and the US in high-rise residential, commercial and mixed used projects.

Projects Selection / BIM